Honda CB350P0 FAT cams 14101-297-010 NOS .************* All SOLD now


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Ultra rare CB350P0 (Police bike) 14101-297-010 'Fat' K0 Cam 'TYPE 1' (i.e 180 degree crank) NOS in original Honda packing (Will fit CB250/350K0/K1 standard bike but tacho. worm drive not fitted .. Uses 286 rockers.

Already sold a couple on FB and keeping two myself so 6 left for sale

Told by member on FB (Erwin) that old cam drive can be pressed into these. Base circle & maximum lift the same as standard 286 fat cam. Ideal for classic CB350 racer.

£125 each £4 postage in UK Will ship worldwide at cost (David Silver and CMSNL item price is almost exactly double this price)


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How much to ship to the US? Trying to wrap up my engine rebuild and found pitting on my fat cam.
Hi it's quite expensive .. around 30GBP Sorry ... There is someone in Charlotte buying two ... perhaps if a couple more people want one in the USA .. you could get together do a group purchase .. I have six left. I could do a deal on the six if necessary but not on a single cam.
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Understood, wasn't expecting international to be cheap. I'll shoot you a message to get some more info, this still seems cheaper than getting my cam hard faced and re-ground. Thanks!
Thanks Ashley. More than happy to forward one or a few along so we don’t get eaten up with shipping. Too bad we didn’t do this a month ago, I was at Laguna and flew out of SFO.
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