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It took quite a lot of trial and error but I think we finally have a solid solution for the rear brakes. I didn't want mess around with bending the brake rod and trying to make that work, it seemed like that would flex too much and make the rear brake considerably less effective. I thought about trying DCC's cable conversion kit but with the cost of the kit plus shipping it was a little pricy. I'm also not a huge fan of cable operated brakes. Fortunately the way the rear brake pedal mounts on the CB450 frame makes it quite easy to work with.

Here's what I came up with:

I'm waiting on a return spring that I ordered. It may or may not work. I'll let you know either way.


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those look killer.

As promised, here's the update regarding the return spring. The first one I ordered ended up being too big but it worked as proof of concept. It was off of a VW of some sort and I had just guessed at its size based on a photo in an eBay listing. I should have known better. I ended up ordering a handful of different springs from from my favorite supplier of any random thing I can think of: McMaster-Carr. I should have started there as they have their spring sizes broken down exactly as I needed. I ended up using a "Torsion Spring, 120 Degree Angle, Left-Hand Wound, 1.342" OD" (Part number 9271K928). The winding is important because it determines what side the legs are on.

I welded on a tab to keep the spring in place and I'm going to bend and trim the spring legs to ensure it doesn't work its way out of place.


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