Honda CB500 Cafe Racer


I have no idea what I am doing

This back on eBay? I saw it was bid up over $4K on this auction, that fall through?
Hmmm I thought someone on here had it a while back
Look at all those functional modifications! Battery strapped to the swing arm! Crappy tires! Lowered, to the point of uselessness, front end! Straight piped exhaust! Cables and brake lines looping around because the builder didn't bother to get ones the correct length!

I hope for the over priced sale of $4000, the buyer got the rest of the missing parts! :eek:


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chucklump said:
No fenders

Right, no fenders and no air filters to filter the crap that the rear tire is slewing at the carbs.......

This thing hasn't been ridden more than a couple of miles to the coffee shop, but hey at $4K, it gives me hope for the resale value of my functional bike!!
Makes me a bit more optimistic about the CB500 I am about to list. Been struggling with a front fender that looks decent on it. May just leave that fucker off. Doesn't seen to make a difference in the price. I do, however, have an inner fender in place.
From the Selling section guidelines (ie, Tim)...

"For the peanut gallery - selling threads are not the place to debate the value or merit of an item being sold. If you don't like it, move along. Seriously - if I post my XS650 and ask $30,000 for it, and someone actually wants to pay me, please, LET THEM ! The notion that keeping prices reasonable on our small little corner of the world will somehow impact global market prices for vintage motorcycles is bananas. If you want to complain about the appreciating value of our bikes, take your beef to eBay."

Don't like it, don't buy it. :)
My bad, didn't mean to spark a debate on the value. Was just curious if the first auction fell through, or if it were shill bidders.
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