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Hi Everyone,
New to this site and looking for some info on a bike. I have a 76 Honda Elsinore MT250. After looking at images of the MT250 frames, I noticed that the XL250/350 frames are pretty close to one another. I have been trying get any info that I can on this. I know the engines are different but does anyone know if its possible to put the engines from the XL on to this frame? Does anyone know which parts(not the engine) are interchangeable? Thanks for any info.
Some parts are interchangeable, but not many. Mostly stuff that Honda used on multiple bikes. The frames are very different. Elsinores have a much wider rear end, they're taller and their head tube angle is different. Not sure why you would want to put an XL motor into an Elsinore frame. The XL motors have a wider "belly" and sit lower in the cradle.
@deviant, First thanks for the reply. I had seen that the head tube angle was different, but I am wondering by how much. As for the motor I guess I asked for future knowledge. I was mainly wondering cause it seems like there are more parts for the XL vs the MT. Also that the 350 is a little bigger is all.

So now the project or what I am after at this point. I am not sure which direction I might go yet but I was thinking of doing either a restore or rebuild. Obviously we know what the restore would be like. The rebuild direction I am going for is a Cafe Racer. At the end of the day I just want something to have fun with and get me around town.

I am going to go to the Cafe Racers section next to ask about ideas but I though it might be better to get some info about what fits and what doesn't.
You may also find a few items like Brake Plates that cross over but don't quote me on that. Best thing i could recommend for spare parts would be to get on a site that has oem parts fiche from that far back and just start copy/pasting numbers to see what has common parts. I do know the MT elsinores had steel wheels while XR's and CR/MR elsinores had aluminum. Your MT Elsinore will also share some common motor parts with 1st Gen CR Elsinores. Not much, just a few bits. I've seen very few cafe style MT's, but they do make a decent enduro styled bike too. Little heavy compared to the CR/MR elsinores, but they will get the job done in urban localities. In my MR250 thread in this section you can see I've got it stripped to the frame at the moment.

Hope that helps, and good luck.
Mr.E, thanks for the reply. I had already replied once but I guess it didn't take. I was hoping to swap out rims and do a disc conversion while I am at it. Only thing that I think might come close is hub from a cb500. I know the forks are both 35mm but what I haven't found are the Triple Tree specs. Like Deviant said... the tube angle is different. I think it was Deviant in another post that said the XS650 triples might work with the XL tube, I might be wrong but the MT is the same dimensions?
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