Honda Twin Valve Adjustment!


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Great. How-to-vid's are always good.
Nice job man, thanks for putting the time together to make this.
Just a quick, probably stupid question.
The lock nut towards the front corresponds to the left exhaust valve, correct? So, on the right side of the bike, the nut in the back is for the intake valve, and the one in the front is for the exhaust?

Time to bust out the manual to get those numbers and get to work.

Thanks, again


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Yupp, there is a set of 4 locking nuts and the ones that are closest to the rear tire are for the intake valves, and the ones closets to the front tire are for the exhaust. And thanks man, I enjoy putting together videos like that. It helps others out.


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awesome vid, i'll have to set my valves soon. looks easy, but it's always nice to see how it's done first.


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EXCELLENT, Im gonna stop watching cafe racer TV and tune into your videos.
This is exactly what Cafe Racer should be. Real guys doing real work. With tips to help.
cant wait to see what else you have.


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Just picked up my 73 CL350 and thinking about doing this in the next few weeks when I find the time. I think the question was already asked, but any advice on finding TDC if you have never done it before?


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bringing this to the top for the last poster.

You just need to unbolt the 4 large caps on the top part of the engine, open the Honda cover on the crankcase, and move it to T (TDC). Then look at which of the cylinders is loosest, and that's the one you adjust.

Next, spin 360 degrees and back on to T, and adjust the other side.

To adjust the valves you'll need a feeler gauge (I believe .002" gap is required) and some wrenches to free up the holder nut, and a flat screwdriver to adjust the valve screw.




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Just did this process today by my manual and figured I'd attach a couple numbers to the thread.

TDC is found by turning the rotor until the intake valve goes down, then continuing to turn it until you reach the LT mark (it's hard to hold the rotor in place exactly at that spot, so I think it's fine to let it turn the extra 20 degrees that it wants to turn). Once valves on the left are adjusted, turn rotor 180 degrees (to T) and adjust.

Intake valve: 0.05mm
Exhaust valve: 0.1mm

Watch out because when you adjust the valves (inside the timing and tach covers), your adjustments can slide when you retighten the locking bolts.

Hope this helps a little.

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