Hotwing Glass seat


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Anyone run one of these seats on a CB500 (or similar)?

I have mine and have been trying to think of ways to mount it. I have a lot of ideas, some more complex than others. Keeping things simple is always the goal though.

I like ProTeals velcro idea. What I am concerned with is the height of the seat. I was thinking of using some spacers between the frame and the metal plate with the velcro to raise the seat up so the "ugly tank gap" isn't as obvious (re: my "more squarish tank" thread). I was thinking of some 1" aluminum box stock.

The other consideration is that I'd like to be able to swap between this seat and a two person seat (that I intend to build) that will mount the same way. My girlfriend loves the bike and even convinced me not to sell it a few times, so it'd be incredibly selfish if she couldn't also enjoy it from time to time.

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