How about random ride shots?

I knew it looked like bank sand! I bet that's a beautiful area.

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2.3efi said:
last pic this weekend before I got in a bit of a fender bender. Very glad to have been wearing my helmet. Saved me from a hospital visit for sure!

Beautiful shots!! (and bike) Well done!
Riding from Missoula, MT to Whitehall, MT.

Was out and about the other day. Passed through the park...


somehow... I feel safe here :p
We had a "Kawasaki Triples Canada" meet last weekend. A bunch of us went out for a boot on Friday. All vintage Kawasaki's, mostly Triples! :D

Stopped for a stretch:

Saturday afternoon, getting ready to head out. Gotta stop at "Tim Horton's" first! :D

After a hour or so:

Great couple of days hangin' with the boys, putting a few miles behind us. :D

You're right! I didn't! Is that photoshopped or something? LOL

Where is that?

Been working a huge amount. I've been insanely busy. I'm working 7 days/week roughly 13hrs/day right now - no joke. I've had 4 days off since early August. It's been insane. I'm beat to say the least :eek:

I'll have to contact you at some point when all this craziness comes to an end (towards the end of October). Bike's been acting up a bit but will be tearing it down over winter.

Good thing about working all these hours is that I've got coin for another bike. Probably pick up my next ride/project over the winter I suspect.

I'll get in touch with you for sure soon.
Out on a lonesome ride, taking a break from the 500 build and work.


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Dude, that is a kickass Wing. Must be a lot of fun. How do you not just hop on and ride someplace warm?
Rich Ard said:
Pretty Michigan fall day today. It's not snowin' yet!


Nice one! It was quite nice today indeed!

Dig the new quote you posted too. That one will stick in my mind for a long time. :eek:
Killman77 said:
Dude, that is a kickass Wing. Must be a lot of fun. How do you not just hop on and ride someplace warm?

I have an even more comfortable bed
You wanna know how I know I turn 40 in a few weeks? Because I understood, viscerally, the truth of that statement.
Ha! To be fair, it's less the bed than its other occupant. But it is a pretty comfortable bed.
Golden Condom Award 2013. Safest internet post of the year. Well done Sir, enjoy not sleeping on the couch for another day. ;D
HerrDeacon said:
Beautiful shot!

Thanks, man!

Recently picked up a new camera (digital SLR) to take pics of the kids at their respective activities. Decided to take it on one of my rides as well ;) Getting better at using it but it's gonna take a while.
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