How about random ride shots?

miob said:
No problem :)

Here's a couple of my second to last ride:



man these are awesome photos.
Awesome photography guys! Killer pictures, loving the fall colors and depth yall are getting!

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Re: Re: How about random ride shots?

Hoosier Daddy said:
I don't know if it is the colors or mackerel lens that makes this look like a video game. :p
Yea it looks hyper realistic..

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Not a photo, a video. I bought a quad(copter) that can lift my Gopro and I told my girlfriend to take the Enfield scrambler for a ride. This is the result:

It is my first go a trying to film a moving object and only my 5th flight overall, so I hope it will only get better :)
Thank you. It is so smooth because of the (excellent) design of the drone (a DJI Phantom). It is has all kinds of stabilization and is very, very easy to fly.
Since winter has arrived...

Seeing how cold and miserable it is out there today, this pic always reminds me of good ride days ;)


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Not me. A very good friend of mine is on his way back from the bottom of South America a week ago.


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Rode my bike down to King Richard's Faire a little while ago and had my brother pose :)


Finally got a chance to check out the kancamagus highway and stopped off in Laconia on the way
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