How many of you are located in NH?


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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and wondering how many here might be from NH? In in SNH and thinking about jumping into a tracker project. Been riding Harleys for a while, but have always loved the cafe and tracker style/ culture.

Looking forward to getting more involved in the forum! :)
20 minutes from SNH. There's a couple good local spots here in wakefield, ma and 1 other place I use in Somerville for service.
Thanks cracker man. I really like what your doing with your kawisaki, that's the same style I'm going for. Judging from the pictures from your build it looks like you've got a nice little stable going!
I suppose I should throw a card into the hat - if you want a tracker style triumph, check us out at - we're 2 hours from southern NH.
I am not from NH but I will be there this weekend coming if anyone is interested in Meeting up for a ride. Sunday 12 or monday 13 would be good for me.
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