How to deal with odd brake return spring integral to stock lever?


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I'm investigating rear set possibilities for my little 81 Suzuki GS250. A problem I have run into is that the return spring for the brake is integral to and on the surface of the brake lever.
Anyone here fashion their own return spring? TIA


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Cut it off in front of the spring, weld a tab on it for linkage to attach to.


where does this go?
J-Rod10 said:
Cut it off in front of the spring, weld a tab on it for linkage to attach to.
This is a good plan. Unless you are going to convert to a cable, or go with disc and hydraulic system, you should keep the existing crank arm and its position. You will see that the point where the crank attaches to the pull rod is nearly exactly the same on ALL drum brake bikes. The reason is the fact that the motion of the swingarm will push/pull on the pull rod if that pivot is even a small distance above or below its current location. Ideally, this point is coincident with the swing arm pivot, but slightly behind is ok as long as it is on the line between the pivot and the actuating crank arm pivot at the brake. This can make for a rather messy bunch of links and cranks if you want to keep the same pressure used to operate the brake, but the alternative is a more complete redesign.

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