How to remove old ball bearing chase on triple tree


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How can I get the lower OEM ball bearing chase off the lower triple tree. Replacing with allballsracing bearings (shown).
Is there a special tool or trick?


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Remove rubber seal first. Punch out with large slot screwdriver and hammer. The thin washer will deform but can be hammered flat again if you need to reuse it.


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I just did this exact thing on my 1980 CM400T. I second removing the rubber seal, but then I used two big screwdrivers on opposite sides and pried up under the chase using the two steering stops as pry points. Popped off real slick. Before that I tried hammering it off and it didn't budge. I was surprised how easy the pry method worked.

Good luck.


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Thanks guys, I ended up putting a grove in it with a dremmel and then took a cold chisel and whacked it a few times until it popped like a Cicada in summer on a sidewalk. :)

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