Howdy from Austin, Texas

Howdy. I'm from Austin, Texas... new to this forum, new to motorcycles, and new to restoring two oldies. I just got handed a 1975 CB125s and a 1981 CM200t and I'm thrilled.

25 plus years ago my dad bought these for my mom (and himself) for her 50th birthday (at her request). She thought it would be great fun until she took the safety riding course and it totally freaked her out. She barely rode after that. My dad kept them running for a few years and would ride around town a little, but that fun eventually wore off. They've been sitting for 20ish years, at least for 10 outside, half under a tarp. That's too long and this is where I come in. I love working on things and I've decided to restore/mod these to bring fun back to these classic machines. They are lacking, IMHO, the style of the 60's and early 70's bikes, so I'm also thinking about modding them into a cafe-racer or scrambler style. Who knows?? But first will be diagnosing the current state of affairs and getting them running.

I'm a DIY'er in need of a forum(s) as a resource for ideas and how-to knowledge as well as a place to share my progress.

I've always enjoyed riding motorcycles, just never owned one. I enjoy working on mechanical projects and getting my hands dirty, so this should great fun and I plan on learning a lot.




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Welcome to the fray. You'll find plenty of info here! The little cb125's have quite the cult following.


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I like those little bikes. I have a CB100 myself that's an ongoing project.

Good luck with getting them going.
Thanks guys! Getting these bikes made me finally start another project I've been putting off for years... cleaning out the garage! It's taking time, but soon-ish I'll have a space to get this restore project going.

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