I know there are some Utarhds on this site

hey guys. i plan on riding to Breckenridge next month. any ideas on altitude and carbs? i know eventually you need to change jets. does anyone know about what altitude things go wrong? or is it different from bike to bike? ill be on a KZ650.
Good stuff - get a group together. I'm planning on hauling my bike to the BUB Speed Trials this coming August and we need a big DTT turn-out!
Let's do it! I'm up for scheduling a meeting of the Utah guys on here, at least in the SLC area.
I'm another one, I'm currently in the Bountiful area but will be moving back to cache valley in a few weeks, oh and I work at Camp Williams. Yeah, I get around....
What day/time generally works best for everyone? Weekends are easiest for me.

Also, I was thinking of maybe showing my bike at the BACA bike/car show on June 9th. Maybe we could get a group of us out there and put some bikes on display.
Weekends work best for me, but I'm not quite sure what my schedule will be like, also the bike is currently still in pieces. (recieved an NT650 swinger last week and am trying to get it all sorted out and source a wheel and eccentric that I like). Where's the BACA event at, maybe I'll grab my two oldest and stop in without the bike.
The BACA show is out in Tooele on the 9th at 10 AM. I'm still trying to find out the exact time and to see if bikes like ours will be welcome out there, but I don't think there will be a problem.
my bike wont be legal by then but I would be down with driving out... or maybe like a saturday morning thing at a coffee shop a lot of the import car guys meet on saturday mornings.
Well, my weekend of June 9th just go filled with moving :-\ On another note, do any of you know of any good bike salvage yards or insurance total lots? I'm looking for a few pieces to put on the 350 and the only one I know of is Bill's clear out in BFE west of salt lake.
I have only been to bills...

Feel Free to add me on Facebook...
Grim cycle salvage in Orem. Never been there but seems like a nice place. They have a website and Facebook profile where you can get in contact with them.
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