I nearly weigh a Ton, does that count?


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Hi everyone. I just joined a short time ago. I like to read stuff more than post particularly as I doubt my posts would be of much interest to anyone.
Anyway I am an old Geezer, I have a few bikes in my shed. I am going to have a mooch around and see what goes on here.
I see lots of interesting stuff so far.
No worries: Some here strive for the Ton. Some talk a Ton. Some weigh a Ton. Many spend a Ton. A few make a Ton of shavings and grinder dust. And occasionally some even do a Ton. Welcome... a Ton, in your own way you'll fit right in.
You'll find most of us hang out here for the people more than the bikes. I haven't had much of a project for a while but I never leave LOL. Welcome from Northeast Canuckistan.
Ha, i hang out here a Ton, work on bikes a Ton, but have never completely finished a cafe bike, so... Welcome haha
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