I need a CB550F gas tank


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I need one for a seat im making. it doesnt have to be in great shape or even solid as long as the back part is in half decent shape. let me know. thanks

cb 550 guy

have a good day dude
try cliff bass in barrie
i bought some parts off him
he had apart bike, with a decent tank.


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
ya know, if Ur gonna chop a tank and use the back end for a hump, Id look for a Suzuki tank to chop.
The back end of Suzuki tank is better for the hump part of the seat. The back end of honda Tanks usually have a very large "concave area" thats a pain in the ass to cover.
Also I find that the Suzuki Tanks are typically more narrow on in teh back and fit nicely with a stock uncovered OEM Honda seat pan..

I also have another chopped cb550K tank that Im gonna use on the stock cb550F seat. I found that the chopped back end of the tank is much wider that the stock unfoamed seat pan.

Thats just what I find..

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