I went AWOL for five years so heres a new intro


Been Around the Block
Hey guys. Back around 2015 or so I inherited my grandfathers old 74 cb550 and it hadnt started in almost 20 years. I had a Harley that I rode all the time and felt my grandfathers bike was mainly going to be kept for sentimental value. I rushed the job, got it started, put ten miles on it and parked it for five years.

Now I have a new life. Got rid of the Harley and going to refocus on the honda again. I had a guy throw a seat and loop on it, threw a quick paint job on it and now shes had a total of 16 miles on here in the past nearly 25 years. She starts strong but now ive since moved to Albuquerque from southern California so I am at super high elevation and Im thinking I may need to rejett. Anyway, thats the story. I have an LED headlight coming in for it right now. Thinking about also putting some new gauges on and maybe upgrading the ignition system. Right after I parked the bike five years ago I upgraded to a new wife that allows me to spend a lot more on my hobbies so thats helpful. Nice to be back. Enjoy watching me slowly fix the BS work I did to this bike from five years ago.


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