Idiot responds to my for sale ad.



Posted an ad on Craigslist to sell my custom 94 Honda Nighthawk and got this response from some idiot. I just had to share it.

I would be ashamed to tell people that tore up a nice looking motercycle just to make it look like a pice of junk
Do me a favor buy 100 white tee shirts, next with a marker write the word STUPID on the tee shirt so I will know who you are if I see you runing around town. You took a classic from the 1990's and just tore it up to make it look like a real pice of junk and if any one would even give you $1200.00 for you to tear up a nice bike and make it into a pick of junk then there even more stupid than you. Please if any one shows up and gives you $1200.00 take a photo so I can see what stupider than stupid looks like. if there any way I can see a photo of you with the bike in a before and after picture. and how about a video of you next to your sadcycle then have some truth come out of your mouth saying: STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES

I guess not everyone appreciates the hard work that goes into what we do.

99% chance the dude that wrote that had tube socks, khaki pants and an argyle sweater vest..

Its all good, he was probably just mad that he was out of x-lax and Epsom salt
It's not much of a classic for sure, but without seeing the bike, it's hard to tell if we agree that you ruined it or if you made it much better than stock. Is it the 250 twin you posted in another thread or something totally bad ass?
Hey, what's wrong with argyle sweater vests? Nighthawk? No, not really a classic. And it won't be 20 years from now IMHO.
the amount of hate I get online from people with the "OMG you destroyed a classic honda" BS is hilarious.
advCo said:
Its a freaking nighthawk

I was thinking the same thing. If Honda hadn’t made 40 million of them, or if they were actually some kind of special, then sure. But, you know, it’s not... so yeah. Douchebag keyboard warrior.
classic from the ninety's ?????

and a nighthawk lol

he should see what i have done to some of them
This guy needs to see a pic of my Black Knight once Im done w it. LOLOL
I just read that.. I hope you got a laugh.. That dude couldn't put a real sentence together to save his life.. He was probably drunk and feeling sorry for himself because he's too afraid to ride a motorcycle lol.
Here are the pics. Not my best work by any means, but an old dented up, barely running nighthawk I picked up for $200 turned into something that is a lot of fun to ride. If no one takes it off my hands, I will probably change out the tank this winter to give it better lines. I hate to sell it, but need room for the next project.

I don't think the guy is kidding, he is still emailing about it. I just have fun spell checking the messages and sending back grades on his work. (D+) I'm probably making him more upset though.... I should probably leave it alone.


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Just tell him he is more than welcome to buy it off you and restore it. Maybe even offer any original parts at an extra cost.
What exactly is the point of this thread? To trash an OP because he doesn't like that bike, or to pile on because we don't like how he said it - or something else?

The bike is not any sort of classic. Never was and never will be. Does it have a lot that could be critiqued? For sure. It's easy to be less than complimentary about the mufflers and clamps, wrapped pipes, hipster brown seat, tank that doesn't match anything, or the short rear fender and missing front one and lack of fork brace or the poor choice of filters.

So, clearly this isn't about the OP not liking the bike. Is it just that the OP fails to appreciate how hard "we" work on our cafe racers? If that's what this is about, I'd suggest that there is no "we" and that whoever "we" is needs to understand that when we put our work out in the interweb world, no other person will ever appreciate what we did the way that we do. That's teh way it works.

I have created absolute works of art that others failed to appreciate - ungrateful, morons lacking in good taste...

Criticism comes with the gig I'm afraid. If you love your bike, that's great. That's all that matters.
...I think its a pretty fun looking little bike, not sure what the deal is lol
The point of the thread was just to get a kick out the fact that someone felt so strongly about creating something from a bike he thought was a "Classic". Thought it was hilarious and wanted to share with people that would understand. You are 110% right teazer, criticism comes with the gig and as long as I was happy with the way the bike turned out nothing else matters. I have had a lot more compliments than the one complaint... well two including yours ;)
I think it comes down to different likes and tastes and the poster of the rude comments sounds a little worked up about something. Maybe he hates modified bikes. Who knows. I thought the comments were so OTT that it was funny, but maybe that's just me. It's hard to get too worked up about that sort of silly response to a an advert however much you dislike something.

The seller appears to have been a bit miffed and looking for support.

Move along. Nothing to see here.
I get the point of posting to be fair.
I just wonder if the twats that jump on an online advert did the same when ads were all in magazines or newspapers. Did they take the time to call the vendor to give them a piece of their mind or advice or reprimand them about what they've done to their bike?
Seems the norm these days to gob off a reply with negatives about the sale item....a curt reply of 'cunt' just might do it? :)
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