il Crustico - '73 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Basket case Restoration

Thanks fellas. I am quite pleased with how its coming together.

Yesterday I turned my attention back to the tins, I need to get the headlight and rear fender done first as the fuse panel and sub panel mount into the headlight bucket, and the rear fender needs to go on so that I can mount up the taillight, turn signals, misc electrical bracket, and torque up the rear wheel. More pics on that later once I do some more sanding and filling.
A little sneak peek


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Finished filling and sanding the headlight bucket, sealed with another coat of epoxy primer then sprayed ebony black base coat and a few coats of clear.

Been a while since I’ve sprayed base/clear. This should come up alright with some wet sanding and buffing but I’m definitely rusty.



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I've been reading on the Vintage BMW group that if you have a headlight bucket that houses lots of wiring and terminals it's recommended to paint the inside of the bucket white so it's easier to see what's going on in there. Something to think about.
That’s a great idea. I powder coated the bucket black as a primer so the inside is already done in gloss black. I had white in stock, too.

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Things were going well until they weren’t. Yesterday I sanded the headlight bucket up to 3000 grit. Today I pulled out the polisher and got a nice smooth gloss. When I started polishing, I noticed all these micro bubbles or voids in the clearcoat. It wasn’t too humid when I sprayed, so I’m not exactly sure what went on.

I have an oil/water separator on the compressor and I use an online desiccant filter at the gun. I’ve had the desiccant filter for a while and it hasn’t gone pink, I figured maybe the o/w separator is doing its job well but maybe that filter is junk.

Got a new one and I’ll try sanding this back down and shooting it again. Damnit.

It was a good exercise in wet sanding and polishing so at least it wasn’t a huge waste.




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I find that can happen if you put the clear on too thick and also if you don’t allow enough time for flashing between coats
I'm bad for rushing, so I use my stopwatch on the phone and set it for the time between coats on the label. It's hard to sit and watch the thing tick down but I stopped messing up paint/clear as much LOL.
I probably did both. Had a lot of fisheyeing on the clear for some reason, so I went thick with it. Might have rushed the flash times a bit since I had to go pick my son up from school LOL. Lesson learned.
In the meantime I got the toolboxes blasted, etched and started to fill in the pits. One side had a few dents in the front which I was able to knock out with the hammer and dolly.




Lots and lots of sanding on the fenders. These should be ready for filler primer by the end of the week.


I’ve been slowly putting pieces back together and slapping them on the bike. The intake manifolds were powdercoated in cast aluminum, new fiber gaskets and copper crush washer on the vacuum ports, along with plated hardware.

The left side carb is buttoned up and installed. Just need to get new choke plungers, I didn’t realize they wear and should be replaced.


Got the throttle and choke cable splitter reassembled and installed.


Installed the alternator conversion kit from the Guzzi Doc and the Kubota alternator that slits right in. The new wiring harness I got has the correct connectors and it was very pleasant installing this kit.



I need to get the correct belt and I believe some of the timing gear cover needs to be ground down to clear the belt since the pulley is smaller than the original generator. Will tackle that later once I get the belt.

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I had bought some used side covers as the bike didn’t come with any. They had some rust.



Started cutting and welding, made the patch panels with a hammer and some left over 22ga from the Bus.



Made up the mounting studs using some 3/16” rod, the vice and a hammer. These actually fit more snugly than the originals, which is nice.




I blasted it down to bare metal and found some more holes.


And on to the other side, which was significantly less involved.


Etched both pieces and they’re ready for a bit of filler.


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Long week of prep. Epoxy primer over bare metal and filler, then three coats of primer surfacer to fill any minor imperfections. Wet sanded that down with 400 grit. Clean everything real good and then shoot a thinned coat of epoxy as a seal coat.

2 coats of color, I went with Fiat Rosso Brilliante pearl, and then some clear.











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