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The only that the engine mounts are completed. My buddy who owns the rig, is a toolmaker, so he was able to make a nice aluminum front mount on the Bridgeport, and we utilized the stock rear engine mounts, cut down and welded to the frame.

However, he is currently wrapped up in trying to sell 3 bikes, so he can buy a Vincent Grey Flash replica race he's been a bit distracted lately.
I'll try to snap some pix next time im at the shop. Hopefully we can get the motor to the engine builder in a few weeks.
Thanks for following along and expressing interest!


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I know it's been 2 1/2 years since this was posted...but those laps on the Yamaha were awesome to watch from the monkey's POV. Thanks!


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I havent been active here in a LONG time...sorry. In the time that has passed, the sidecar was sold to a dude who planned on racing it. He took it to his shop, found a motor, made engine mounts and lost interest. We bought the sidecar back and re did the engine mounts for the Triumph 750 motor and put it back together.
My driver got the rig together and took it to Roebling Road in Georgia and had a seasoned monkey race with him. They had oil blowby issues (filling the overflow bottle and leaking out) but overall the bike ran well.
We campaigned the bike at a USCRA event back in May and had fuel pump issues in Practice 1, thought we had them sorted and the bike died in practice 2. Then we got a flat in the race.

We took the bike this past weekend to a "free" race weekend. The Loudon Road Race Series (LRRS) invites the sidecars to their Loudon Classic race. We took the rig out for practice and it felt like it was running rich and didnt run very well. We decided to run it anyway for the race and on lap 7, the fuel tank came unbolted and fell off just as we came out of the last corner. SHIT! When we got it back to the pit, we also noticed we still had oil overflow issues.
We reinstalled the fuel tank and tried some new oil breather setup.
On to practice on day 2......made it through one lap and got a flat on the sidecar. Got the rig back to the pit and noticed a cracked frame, causing the flat.

So here we are, debating on whether or not to pursue any more racing..........we will probably pull the rig apart over the winter and attempt to rework the frame to make it a bit stronger.

Sorry for the long post, but figured i'd stop back in to DTT and give an update...good to see that this place is still (somewhat) active!!!


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Thanks for the update! Just watching the races you don't realize how much work goes into it. Glad you are still doing laps.

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DUDE! Good to hear from you.
When i saw you at Barber back in 2013, that was the last time I raced on a sidecar until 3 weeks ago.
Unfortunately it seems that i wont be back on 3 wheels until next year, but i just purchased a Derbi GPR 50 to campaign. And even more unfortunate, i wont be making Barber this buddy had the audacity to get married that weekend.

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teddpage said:
i just purchased a Derbi GPR 50 to campaign …
There are a few* connoisseurs on this forum who would be delighted to hear more about the little screamer!

We don't get such exotica in Oz.


*at least 1


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Erskine, no news on the Crack yet. It broke near the sidecar wheel so there are a lot of stresses there. Plus we usually bounce off the kerbing on the last turn at Loudon, so that's not helping matters...we will probably just wait til the fall when things slow down before we pull it apart.

Stroker, I don't have a ton of info on this little fella yet, hopefully if I get to race in a month I'll have some news to report.

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My bike is not transportation, it is a respite
teddpage said:
And even more unfortunate, i wont be making Barber this buddy had the audacity to get married that weekend.
That's so rude. He needs to get his priorities straight.

Post up some pics of the new bike when you get it ready.

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