I'm trying to source a carb rebuild kit for a 72 CB750 k2.


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Having the darnedest time finding this. Out of stock everywhere I've looked.

Hoping to land something quickly. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Located in Toronto, Canada


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Did you try vintage cb750.com?not sure of the quality...
Randakks would be my go to, I've only bought goldwing rebuild kits from him but they are the best.


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No matter which kit you buy be sure to keep your old parts!

Randakks, Dime City and Mikes XS all belong to the same company and use the same kits. Prices may vary! Randall (Randakks) has retired and he now recommends another guy for rebuilding carbs. Information can be found on the Naked Goldwings site.

BAZ750 on the Hondachopper.com site does excellent rebuilds!


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I've used 4into1 and cb750supply. I am not a believer in Viton for everything. Yes, better for ethanol fuel. You should never put ethanol fuel in a carbureted engine anyway.

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