In need of shop space in the White Mountains!


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Hey guys, I live in Woodstock, NH and I desperately need a place to wrench on my bikes and my dirt driveway just isn't cutting it. If you've got a bay or even half a bay in the area you'd like to rent, please let me know. Right now, it's looking like both my bike and the wife's are going to live outside for the winter which means I won't get any work done on them until spring and I'm not keen on having them out there in the elements. I'm honest and trustworthy and I'm of the 'if it isn't yours, don't fuck with it' school so I won't go borrowing your tools if you aren't around. I'm a welder by trade so I'd be more than happy to lend my skill on any of your projects and I'm all about hanging out and turning some wrenches over a 6-pack. Anyway, if you have a place or know of one, please let me know as it's getting colder by the day!
I wish I did have a shop up there mate... I would totally give ya space... One of my crew mates is going to open a bike hop up there but not for a little while.. eventually there will be a place... Ill let some of our guys know up there that your lookin for a place.. We have loads of space down here in CT...

Good Luck

Seth - Rockers CT
Awesome! I honestly don't know who's up here, if anyone. Is there a NH crew in the works?
Simple you just do...

find your friends or people that love it too.. exchange numbers... Wrench Ride Drink Repeat... Thats as simple as it is..

all other things like Events, and the like will come later with time... and if you do get some get togethers planned let us know were always up for a good ride!


SETH - Rockers CT
Fair enough. I'm total shite at organizing anything but I'll see what I can come up with.
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