introduce yourself and your bike

GB400 fan

Hi, thought it only fitting that us kiwi's have our own board seeing as we're so far from anywhere.
So anyway introduce youself and your bike and lets see if we can share ideas and perhaps even parts and other stuff, I'll post pics of my bike once I finish work!
Anyway as for me im in auckland and am in the process of doing a Honda GB400 cafe style with a homemade single seat and the like. its been very time consuming but having enjoyed the entire process so far.
ive just today picked up the motor from the soda blaster and will over the coming weeks start polishing it ready to put back into the frame.
The frame has been repainted and hopefully is ready for the donk. I anticipate spending at least another 3 months on the bike before taking it back on the road.

so come on kiwis introduce yourself! cheers, Terry
before the motor was soda blasted

seat ready for the pad

tank done
ive just put the motor back in after a bit of polishing and will take some pics in the next day or two.
Hi Pal I am in Auckland and my currant project is a Moto Guzzi V50 MII 1981
I am all so running a Ducati 750 SS 2003
nice work on the GB I used to have the CB400/4 1979
great bike I still miss it a little
Hey, I'm also in Auckland. Got a 2009 Ninja 250 that I use to get around and a BMW R80RT to mess around with until I can get my full license. I wonder how many NZ'ers are on this site.
Hi Sam Glad to know I am not the only cafe racer nut case in the country I have no licence at the moment but would be Keen on a ride in March
Hey guys, Im in Auckland too. Have a Yamaha st225 that im doing atm. Had a few bikes before. Have you been onto


Hey All,

Im living in the Waikato, form Hawkes Bay original. My current projects are keeping my 72 CB500f road worthy and modifying a 72 CB350f. Have striped the 350 right down to nut and bolt and started to work on engine. Removed cams and valves as to remove the barrels only to find the helicoil cylinder studs have pulled out due to corrosion. Real bugger this as it may end up costing a bit of $$ to sort. I have moved onto frame and chopped a few bits off to lighten the weight. Center stand gone, seat attactments gone. Im hoping to lay up fibreglass when the time comes to manufacture a seat etc. Have buffed and polished the front forks and replaced seals etc. Thse came up real cool. Im thinking of completely changing the triple tree to some thing else as the Honda one is old and crappy. As im wanting to install taper roller bearing in handle bars. One of my major trobles is trying to keep at this project as wife and kids take up alot of time. So hope to get some pictures and a little motivation from you fellas on this site. Anyway as time goes on I will try and update profile. Cheers Keep Riding Boggie!!
Hey guys,

Another aucklander, i currently ride a Suzuki GN250 while on my restricted, however just rode home today my new purchase. a Honda CB500 1972.
Hey tonci,

Cool, another CB500!!! Here is a pick of my CB500. Will try and post more of my CB350 rebuild. That will be a major!!!




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ha, thats awesome! we have the exact same colour scheme. mine no longer has the 4-4 exhaust , it was swapped out for a 4-1 exhaust a few owners ago, however i really like the sound it makes
Hey all,
Jafa here. Also on my restricted and riding a GN250, which I can't wait to upgrade from. No builds under my belt yet, but constantly drooling over the bikes on here and places like Did anyone see the Motomethod video on pipeburn? Would be awesome to do in NZ.

Very nice CB btw.

Had to take a photo of my Cb for insurance so thought i may as well pop it up on here, was a quick photo so not the best
^^nice buy, i wanted it!

Another Aucklander here, we have a few bikes on the go, my Yamaha TW200 (weird bike), a nice CG125, a couple of SL's, a CT110, and a C50...
yeah im pretty happy with the CB500, the guy i brought it off was an awesome guy, he had a kawasaki w650, honda cb550 and a royal enfield of some description all in mint running order.

hopefully ill have the chance to ride this down to tauranga this weekend as there is a custom bike show that my dad and his friends are all attending to support a mates entry.
Indeed there is...


Lurking in Munro country - I have BSA's Triumphs and a few Hondas...
Looking at cafe'ing a 74 CB360 which is how I came about this site.
Standard plans of removing bulk, installing clip-ons, rearsets, seat hump etc. As I have a few projects on the go and young kids it may take some time to see any progress, but should be a fun bike at the end...
Im here too! In Auckland Central, student and work at Shed Five part time. In the process of repricing and sorting out stock. You lads should pop down for a look if you havent already.
Hi Guys

I'm in Auckland and have a Triumph Bonneville as my main ride


I wanted to learn more about carbs and point n stuff so I picked up a tidy old CG125. I've just had the cylinder honed and the new 0.25mm over piston is on the way. Was thinking of going cafe but it's the old dilemma of restore v cafe. Rest is super tidy

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