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hah thanks . Miob I've really love your builds the R80 that was black and then Blue (or was it the other way around) was a thing of beauty. I see you are on PSB I've been following that cafe racer thread for years and it just keeps going, pretty much anything good shows up on it.

btw the jacket is a Held (german company) model is 'born 46' I took a gamble on size and got it online , very relieved that it fitted as I had to pay quite a lot for shipping and then customs , it has D30 armour. FCmoto have them I think.

anyway cheers guys, safe riding.



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hey redi, nice to see another kiwi. Nice bikes! I see you have a nitroheads seat on your R80, is that the default fit or have you made it to fit like that? I have a r65 and am looking at seat options


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Hi The nitro heads seat is too small (i knew that when i ordered it) i will be getting a new rear sub frame loop fabbed for this ( i have a mate who is a very good welder) The nice thing about the r80 is the rear frame is just a few bolts and off it comes so I try and be as non destructive as possible, meaning i will keep the original and all the parts if ever i want to put her back to factory standard.
In the picture it's the seat is just resting there. There was a really nice R80 from tasmania that was on pipeburn that I am unashamedly using as a blueprint. : ) I have an acewell speedo and some nice small indicators and much nice tail light assembly. Just need some time now. : )


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Another from Christchurch. Ace owner too.

It's a work in progress...
7" headlight on its way
Indicators getting replaced
Rear mudguard going
New carb with velocity stack
Battery to go under the hump
Then sidecovers off


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Hi Guys,

My name is Andrew and I'm from Auckland. Currently riding a '07 Cb900f but I have stripped down my '80 CB400N superdream to convert into a Cafe racer. Just currently collecting the tools and funds to work on the engine

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