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hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and get to know the community on the forum which seems pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. my current project is a 1979 xs750 special that is being built for that cafe life. Currently im in the process of modifying the frame to fit a 77 xs750 standard tank along with a bedlam werks seat, replacing the entire electrical system with motogadget and accessories, and obviously pod filters and overhaul. ive had this bike stripped down and sitting since last winter due to other projects.

through my research on this forum, members have said to check out but i cant seem to get registered. if anyone could help with that newb ordeal that would be great.

my only current question, does anyone has a template for a rearset bracket? if not, i have no issues fabricating one up.

thanks in advance and im looking forward to this forum
High fives from MTL mate - I'm as helpful as a chocolate fireman but always ready with the good vibes
I am also having trouble getting registered. It seems like the Administrator is no longer paying attention or active. My last email to the admin was rejected. I would also appreciate any help to get access to the wealth of Yamaha Triple Information on that site.
That's why DTT content is available regardless of you being registered or not :)

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awesome thanks for all the reassurance you guys. i gave up with yamaha triples and have given this site a one over during the holidays and thoroughly convinced im in good hands. ill get a build thread up sometime this week along with some pictures
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