Is this rare 1968-69 Honda CB450 K1 Tank savable??


1974 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer in Progress
After removing about 20 coats of paint one of the fuel line spigots came off in my hand, since then the tank has been on a shelf and rusted some more leaving pinholes in the top and one side. Is it savable? Is it worth anything to anyone? Thanks!


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IMHO that is a salt shaker now. Rattle can it and hang it on the wall.
Could try repairing the damage with braze-welding but it seems to be pretty far gone; sucks those are great looking tanks.
Thanks for the replies, I think I'll put it up on ebay for $40 bucks see if anyone wants it.
Find someone who does 'leading' on cars and it's repairable.
Lead doesn't rust and is low temperature unlike brazing.
Suzuki actually soldered the tank and oil filler caps into RG125 tanks in the 80's so it's a valid fix
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