Is this worth while????????


It can be. Depends on what your goals are. Usually a need for an extra ground wire is an indication that something is amiss, but it's also a quick and easy fix for a number of problems (if you don't feel like gutting your harness).


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It is on some older bikes. On the GL1000 the condenser grounds by its mount and is easy to rust and lose a good ground so a wire to a better spot on the frame makes the ground never an issue anymore. But then the better fix is a Dyna which eliminates the condenser all together. I put extra grounds when I rewired my GL too so I had shorter runs of wire for stuff and an easier time finding a ground that may have gone bad etc.


I am a great believer in good earths and earthing. When you route the earth via the frame, there can be all sorts of paint, loctite, anti-seize, grease that gets in the way of metal to metal contacts and builds up resistance. As well as the main frame earth, I always take an earth up to the instrument cluster so I have a guaranteed good earth up there. I sometimes do it at the rear too. Tracking down earth problems can be the devils own job, so I prefer to over-engineer by a couple of wires or so.
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