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Will be attending my first and probably only Isle of Man races this June we actually leave for London on May 25th.
Staying in London a few days then taking the Eurostar to Paris for 4 days then back to London pick a car up and drive to Liverpool.
Then we catch a plane flight over to the Isle of Man.
We will be there during most of the main races and the Senior TT.

Of course all of my friends know about the trip and every time we talk about it I get called all kinds of horrible names. ;-P

Anyway hope to run in to some of our fellow members over there.

Will also be visiting the Ace Café London and the Bike Shed.



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wear a DTT shirt at the races and the members will stop you to say hi. I do that at Barber etc, and members I have yet to meet will stop to chat. Oh and you lucky bastard LOL.


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I'll go with the semi horrible...lucky bastard.

I was wondering where do you stay if attending the TT, do they have enough hotel space or do you camp, B&B, park bench?


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They have a lot of space or you can go back and forth daily on the ferry to Liverpool.
We are staying at the hotel in Douglas that is walking distance to the Grandstand, pits and paddock area.
My lovely wife has planned everything and we have VIP tickets and access to everything.

They have everything from hotels all the way down to camping. You can even rent houses for the time there but those go quick.


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My mate raced at the Manx and liked it so much he stayed, he now manages a supermarket in Port Erin.
Another friend got deported for speeding in 1985, 143 MPH in a 30 limit.
Have fun.


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Deported for speeding? Jeez.

The Isle of Mann is something that I have wanted to see for a very long time! That is some real racing. When I first started racing I dreamed of racing in it.. Now I think I'll stick to closed circuit tracks.

So awesome that you can go. PLEASE take lots of pictures and post them! Did you see where one of the houses on the course was for sale? I thought that was pretty cool. If you see Brandon Cretu tell him hello from the rest of us back home! I think he's on a Bimota this year.


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So how did it go? Any photos or comments on your trip? I'm sure I had to be there to really know. It must be one of those events that resonate for the rest of your life.

This is on my bucket list.

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