It's cool man, it's just barhopper Sporty.


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So... Through what might possibly be the most convoluted, overly complicated (it involves a quad, two Harleys from two different states, a couple chopper frames, a Sporty frame from Philly, multiple trips to various state motor vehicle offices, a title for a bike that I think got scrapped in NY two decades ago, a random Honda Rebel shock that's going to be used on a girder fork, a couple bacon cheeseburgers, multiple beers, borrowed ramps, maybe a Buell Blast engine, a bunch of furniture for a friend, a homebuilt motorcycle work table, and there was a bed for a 49 Ford involved I think...), absolutely awesome and downright enjoyable trade deal, I now have an 883 Sportster that's actually a 1200 Sportster that's a '94 but according to the DMV an '88 883.

It has a nice, new "peanut tank" on it but maybe it will have a Sporty tank if it doesn't have a Triumph tank. It came from Ohio, but it's in PA now (thank god, nothing good happens in Ohio).

It's had three different sets of handlebars put on and it will definitely have some type of them when done.

There is a functional exhaust on it that will most certainly be used, unless it isn't.

While waiting on new paperwork to get it legal (either a few days or longer) it'll get painted a new color unless it doesn't.

I'll probably put some new parts on it unless I get it ready to ride without them. Than I won't. Or maybe I will. We'll see. Definitely some new tires. Probably.

I mean it's just a barhopper. No biggie.


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I like the Triumph tank. It could use longer shocks so the swingarm does not have a negative angle, or not.
You forgot the 360 engine that may or may not have been involved.
Ya done yet?
No. Lol...

It's still up on the bench. Tons of new parts sitting in boxes on the shelf. Still figuring out exactly what I want to do with it. In the meantime I've been preoccupied with the new scoot.


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