Japanese Car And Motorcycle Day Aug 16th Brookline, Ma


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Sorry for the late notice, hope to see some Cafe Racers there.

Pictures from last year http://www.flickr.com/photos/drew84/sets/72157606822064809/

Japanese Car and Motorcycle
Day 2009
Museum of Transportation Larz Anderson Park
15 Newton St Brooline Ma, 02445

August 16th 2009
Starts 10 am
Car Registration is only $20. Motorcycle Registration is $10. Spectator admission is $10 adults, $5 seniors, students, children under 12.

sounds like a blast... Just a heads up though.. a huge number of us are gonna be at Brit Jam in CT on Sunday Sept 16th. Its a huge event with tons and tons of cafe racers...

Stop by the Rockers tent for a beer!

SETH - Rockers CT
You never said anything about a tent! do you need help I am going up and if you buy the beers I work the tent.
LOL.. the tent is our checkerboard party tent with all the bikes in front, the table with all the Rockers swag on it to sell.. the promotions for the next event... and a big cooler for beer. It also gives us a place to shelter from the sun..... Ohh and theres the usual Cookout at my house afterwards...! Always a good time after the party.. we usually get like 25-50 bikes to come over and we have more beer, cook food and have slowraces and burnouts!

Cheers and Ill totally see ya there!
I know, i wish they didn't conflict. I would come down and check it out. But, I have prior obligations to be in Brookline. I'm looking at project bikes for a Cafe. We'll there where a lot of beautiful vintage Japanese bikes last year.
Drew... I would totally go to the Vintage Japanese show if I could. Are you gonna go to Rice-O-Rama in Sept. If so we will see you there.. Also if your schedual is clear come on down to the Rockers Re-Union. Gonna be alot of nice bikes there!

SETH - Rockers CT
I'll see whats going on for me on the 6th, but thanks for the tip about Rice-0-Rama. I will definitely try to make that.
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