JB'S Chrome Shop Portland Oregon...Not a Recommendation


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NO, this isn't a recommendation. In fact stay as far away as possible.
In looking for a chrome shop locally there are a couple of choices, one that looks like it's ready for OSHA and a Haz Mat team to shut it down and JB'S which has some negative reviews.
So on Feb 9th I ran down there to talk to them about re-chroming the CL350 fenders. Warren, the owner, proceeded to tell me how complicated it would end up and things like the rivets for the front fork brace would have to be drilled out, etc. He suggested that I leave them with him for an estimate from some people coming Sat the 10th and he would call me when they got there so I could talk with them. Saturday came and went, no phone call. Monday, 2-12, Warren informed me the estimate was $400 and he sent the fenders away since he was sure that would be fine with me. I tell him NO it's not fine with me that you decide when and where I spend my money. I ask him when will he have the fenders back so I can pick them up. He tells me the following week and he'll call. He even offers to hold the finished fenders for me until I have the money to pay.
So last week I was dealing with doctors and other stuff, received no phone call form Warren. Yesterday I called asking where my fenders were and he tells me they're somewhere south. Couldn't really understand him because he started yelling, screaming and wouldn't stop. So at this point I'm out 2 fenders that are somewhere south like LA or Mexico.


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Finally got thru to Warren. Now he says the fenders will be back on March 15th. Any bets the fenders come back dentless, re-chromed and a bill?
BBB complaint is filed.
Oregon DOJ complaint is filed. Oregon doesn't have a separate bureaucracy for Consumer Affairs, just the Attorney General's office.


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Latest of the saga: since it's the 15th I called the shop before going to retrieve the fenders. Both phone numbers are disconnected. Drove to the shop, empty and gone. Neighbor business says he moved across the alley but looking in the window of that place, it was closed, it's a fabrication shop.
So off the PPB, Portland Police Bureau, to file a stolen report. They'll try to locate this !@#$%^&* and retrieve the fenders, if they can't they'll file/charge him with theft.
Meanwhile I'm wanting to break something
Probably should start looking for replacements

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