Justin's DT tank.

I want to see that tats you don't see !!!!!

Been thinking about that tank and I think you should scrap it do to the fact it has small dings in it and gives it way to much character !
The tank is 90% finished. Still nailing out the metal work on the tail, will have that all wrapped up this weekend then its 2k time and off to Justin!!!


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axeugene27 said:
looks great mile high. Are you planning on doing any custom paint on your 450 tank?

The 450 is pretty much finished, so no custom paint on it planned. I'm sure i'll be doing something in the same vein on one of my future builds...its a very cool technique and i like the way the colors pop off the metal.

Thanks for the support dudes. If anyone wants a custom tank of your styling, shoot me a PM for the deets.


Holy shit i need to wipe the drool off my face HELL YEA MAN !

Yes, that is sweet, can't wait to see that on the bike, Get it done or bring the tank and fender to Dock's at least so I can see it.


fuck yeah buddy! can't wait till it gets on the bike. going to be one badass DT by the time its all said and done. Shipping out today with the braided line and that tail light, as promised.
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