Kansas. Honda V45. Hi There.


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A regular lurker on a list devoted to Honda Sabre/Magna and I have a V45 (750) Magna of vintage birth.
But I'm going to do things to it that ... well... a Magna purist might be upset about.
Change things.... cut things... replace things.... probe things... in a way not usually comforting to a Honda fan.
But after seeing the things around here, I thought this might be a good place for my less civilized mindset.

Still in all, I'd like to keep it fairly under wraps until the Big Reveal, which might be weeks after I get it running.
Like to make sure this is gonna work the way i think it will...

After that, a Harley. Then another Honda - a 500 transverse V-twin (the letters escape me). Both with plans of defilement.

Anyway, hi all..


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But, we like pictures! Looking forward to seeing how you defile these fine bikes into your own designs. (I have made slightly embarrassing changes to a GL1000 myself).


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Welcome. I like the old Magna. Not exactly built in the image of a Cafe racer, but if you don't have too many corners near you, they make a great Lead Sled ideal for blasting from one stoplight to the next.

Will be interesting to see what you do with it.


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Cut her up as you see fit. The Saber would be the easier to Cafe but the engine is the same in both, and they are fun. I did a mild custom 95?? I think for a friend. It was a hoot and his son now drives the wheels off it.


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Well, believe it or not, I'm not really looking to cafe this thing.
I have other plans that I'm still wanting to keep to myself for the moment.
Heck, I got it for $100. So cutting and welding is a non-issue. No dangers.
Fully expect it to break everyone's heart except mine.


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Nice, you won't piss anyone off here unless you do something un-safe, then we'll just mention it might be a bad Idea LOL.

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