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carnivorous chicken said:
Hey Irk, just a quick reminder who you are sticking up for:
And I'm curious how you feel about these, levelled at me, by the same person.
And then think to yourself -- why is a Swede hijacking a thread with cartoons about American politics to post racist and Islamophobic rants about Sweden, especially after he has declared that he will leave the thread and stop posting? Interesting for you to think I can't take criticism -- I think I've actually been pretty measured -- and it may say something about you to say this kind of shit:I never said I wasn't capable of being immature, nor have I said I am the smartest guy in the room, nor have I bragged about my "self-proclaimed intellect." I will admit to an intolerance for racism -- an intolerance for intolerance if you will -- but I don't really see that as a bad thing. I actually like hearing from "the other side." Some are better at arguing points and even if things get heated I don't take it personally. But the whole racism thing? Not so down with that.

As spotty has declared, a return to posting about Drumpf would be welcome.
Really no point talking to you since you only read what you want to, and distort reality like the rest of you mentally ill leftist scum. Do you even understand simple facts? MAINSTREAM MEDIA are reporting migrant crime as a real problem now. Courts have on record that migrants stand for 98% of assault rapes in sweden. YOU are the one with made up arguments, YOU are the one protecting islam and muslims, they are still trading SLAVES for fucks sake, just as they sold them to u.s plantation owners back in the day when You were murdering indians by the millions. Fuck you, you dirty little hypocrite. You are vile human scum, i only protect my country.

stroker crazy

crazy as a fox


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Over 1,000 Posts
irk miller said:
Speaking of Sweden

If I win the Powerball, or MegaMillions, I'll have a Koenigsegg. They look massive in photos, for some reason. They're like Porsche 911 sized.


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
Scooter trash said:
Gimme some time, I'll find something...Meanwhile on the Trump News Network...

not sure about balanced but they're certainly a fair old pair

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