Kawasaki Z650 Seventies Special

Collected the paintwork today, so couldn't resist fitting to the bike, though the seat and duct tail aren't bolted down in the pic. Next I need to fit the badging and the new chrome filler cap. BTW the dark tank stripe isn't black, its a very dark mica blue..

I was tempted to fit the Z650 side panel badges, but went for a Z1 style badges instead, but just a little different. While knocking the roll pin in the filler cap without damaging the paint was nerve wracking to say the least. Don't want to do that again for a long time..


After a pause of a couple of months, rolled the bike out on the drive and made a start. Fitted the badging on the RHS and fitted the ZX6R rear brake light. Still need to bend its alloy mounting bracket so the number plate is angled out a bit. Then it'll have to be given a tough black finish, either Cerokote or hard anodised. In the pic the ducktail isnt bolted down yet so it's not at the correct angle.,


Took a few parts from the 1170 and my Mk2 project to Camcoat (a local specialist) to be ceramically anodised, 2 or 3 week turnaround. So decided just to paint the rear light bracket for now in so called 'Tough Paint' not sure how tough it really is, but it'll do for now. Meanwhile, got a frame arriving today which will be the start of a new project .

Time for more work on the 1170. Had the foot pegs hard anodised black, while the gearchange lever was interfering with its link rod. The lever is made from 10mm alloy, it needed a lot of heat to bend it as required. That done, I'm now thinking the levers should've been anodised black as well. Something to think about.

The outrigger system is still leaking oil slightly, so removed it and now making yet another gasket, this time from thicker gasket paper. Hopefully that will solve the leak.



Seems a lot of photos have vanished. so here is a more recent one of the bike with its new carbon fairing, before that went off to be painted..


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And having got the fairing back from paint, here it is on the bike at last..


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