Kindly share your opinion on this jaket?



Thanks heaps for sharing this Tupelo. The jacket's definitely gonna look better with a bit o beating.
You should recommend to the seller that they should up the zippers to a higher grade product. Maybe not accuse them of using fake YKK though. . .
Surely all of us here would prefer to pay an extra 20bucks for good, sturdy zips. From the pictures, they look like your average $10 hoodie made in china nobrands!!
I'm probably gonna grab this item at the end of the year when my ride will 'theoretically' be back on the road.
If I do purchase the jacket, I'll be sure to let you know so you get your cut of the deal!

But I definitely think you should let them know that the riders here at DTT are concerned with the quality of them zips.

Thanks again for being a test dummy dude.

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