KZ 750 Twin - Two point zero


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Here goes. I've been interested in the KZ twins for awhile but never owned one until a few years ago. I mean hell, it's bigger than most of the 650 twins of it's day and it's even got dual overhead cams. Only two cylinders and carbs, what's not to like?

So about two years back I picked up an 81' KZ750M1(CSR) version to play with but those are the old jap cruiser style. I messed with it for awhile (provided me with spare engine and many parts) as a side project but I decided not to fight that geometry and look for an earlier "B" model instead.

The KZ750B is a 76'-79' bike and has a more standard geometry than the 1980 and above versions. They are a rare beast around here but a few weeks ago I found a decent but fugly 1979 on CL where the PO had given up on his ill-fated cafe attempt. PO is a nice guy and had the right paperwork so the bike ended up in my sons' truck. This is where things hopefully start looking up for the old beast. This one won't be a restoration, not a cafe, lets call this a resto-mod. I'm going for a period-ish modified rider with this one.

Plan: [IR/R] Inspect, repair, and replace. Upgrade where necessary or fun.
Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

The very first thing I did to the bike? Remove some fugly seat mount ideas.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

The PO had a cafe tail and body work painted. Not my style at all but the paint was nicely done. The tank is factory clean inside which was a nice change from most project bikes. The tail won't be used and the tank will get new paint. I'll probably trim the sidecovers, they are huge.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

Standard crusty stock stem bearings. I have the Allballz tapered set already. In the previous pic, there were cheap clip-ons on forks lowered in the triples. That didn't stay either.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

I guess if you don't know how to true a wheel, you just add a ton of weights!!!!!


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

:-[ I can't believe you're going to chop up that beautiful piece of history.

I'll hang out and see what you come up with, homey.
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Because I love these kind of pics:


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Roughly where I am as of this past weekend. I have a different tank on it while I'm mocking up seat stuff.
I spent most of it up to my elbows cleaning and degreasing. It's my least favorite part. The rear sprocket carrier cleaned up really well though.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

deviant said:
:-[ I can't believe you're going to chop up that beautiful piece of history.

Hanging with the Heretics. Sounds like a band.
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New chain, sprockets, and brake pads.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

I have two good sets of carbs for the bike also. The ones on the left are the 79's and the right are the 81'. I built the set for the 81' from ebay salvage and some new bits inside. The 79's are in nice shape and with a bit of cleaning will be good to go. Also, shop cat Saki says hi.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

Maybe consider the "g" side covers. Much smaller than the "b" side covers. Cool to see another 750t build on here.


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Re: KZ 750 Twin - Two point oh?

Thanks Doc, how's yours doing?. I do like those G covers.
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