KZ1000K 1982 Project Rat Bike


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Hello everyone,
Just thought I would introduce myself along with my project bike. It's a 1982 KZ1000K (LTD). I picked up this bike back in 2014 cheap initally
just for the engine and parts for my other KZ1000J bike(s) as most parts are interchangeable.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good OTC (on the cheap) replacement gas tank that I could fit to it? I keep seeing tanks ebay that are
are for smaller bikes but none for larger bikes.

Anyone with ideas please feel free to connect with me. If you have a project of your own reach out and share your ideas, or comments, etc.

I've removed the stock airbox and installed a Dyno Jet Kit along with PODS. The bike runs well. I chopped the backend off for the seat
and installed a loop but I may look for another tail piece for it as it looks a bit too stubby to me.
The exhaust is one I chopped part of it off and took the header off my kz750 and clamped it on using an automotive muffler clamp.
It sounds pretty good. I'll post a video of it running soon.



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Great looking bike. I love the old kz1000's. Yes, I know I am replying to my own post but I thought at least I'll get the "post" rolling and maybe attract others who have similar bikes or interests...
I have 2 other kz1000j's, a kz750 L4 and a 1000R Ninja that I will be working on this summer as well once I get settled into my new house.
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