KZ400 carb questions


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First post from a long time Rider. My current bikes are a 77 RD400, 89 Honda Transalp, and a 16 BMWR1200GS but I'm posting about the 78 Kawi kz400 my grandson bought. It has the Chinese knockoff Mikunis that I'm pretty sure are never going to work right. I'm thinking some real Mikuni vm30's will work much better. I'm seeing pre jetted sets for around $350, but I see Summit racing is selling a vm30-83 for $125 each. Throttle cables, pod filters, and intake manifolds are all new so we don't need these and we can re jet whatever carbs we get. To the questions... is the vm30-83 the correct Mikuni? Is there a better source for carbs only?
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