LA/OC shop to solve my woes?


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Bought a fairly stock '71 CB350, that I'm about at my wits end with.

Has spark, decent compression last I checked, new battery, new Mikuni VM30's jetted somewhat properly, and it has ran quite well but has always had a hard time starting.

I don't have much time to deal with it, and it's located in L.A. county, and I'm in O.C.

There's a lack of shops that I can find that would likely be able to help.

Anywho, I found Charlies-Place in L.A., and not much else. Anywhere else that deals with custom CBs that I could tow my bike to?
Lossa engineering in long beach, Justin's cycle in LA habra, yoshi's garage somewhere like asuza, are a couple reputable places.
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