LED strip brake/tail light


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Was thinking of installing one of these integrated, LED strip lights from DCC.

Anyone have experience with these and the legality of not using DOT in MI?
It would be going on my 73 CL350 café.
Those look pretty slick! Don't know the legalities, but I am not one to ask such questions. If I thought it was bright enough to work for me I would go with it. Most of the time I don't think the cops give 2 shits about a guy on a little 40 year old jap bike. I think we're in an under the radar kind of group. Most of the time I hear about guys getting pulled over the cop wants to talk about the old bike and then give you a warning.
Im running one on my gs build. I like it and it is pretty bright.

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Thanks. I appreciate the replies.
Will probably go this route when I'm ready.


Here's how it sits now.

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