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Just recently completed a budget build on my '74 cb360. The bike wiring was completely redone with minimal components and there is currently no turn signal circuit. I want to add some bar end LED signals but I am not sure of all the components needed to build the circuit from scratch. I do know I need a LED flasher relay but I read a bunch about needing to install inline diodes? Just wondering if anyone can shed a light on what would be needed for sure. Thanks!

p.s. - here's a pic of the bike:

An electronic flasher relay that can drive LED's doesn't require you to add-in a resistor. You just need the handlebar switch, the lights, the relay, and I would put them on their own fused circuit.
+1 to what Eric said.

Further to the question about the diodes, those diodes are only necessary if you plan to use a dashboard indicator/warning light and again only if you're using just a single light to show either direction.
Gotcha! Thanks! I've attached a pic of my components. The LED turn signals didn't come with any info but I'm assuming the third wire is for a running light setting? I will probably clip that wire if so. Is there a simple circuit someone could link me to follow when hooking all this up? Just wondering where the relay wires in at. Thanks!
Power -> Flasher Relay -> Switch -> Light -> Ground

On a Honda, power would be a black wire, the turn signal would be orange or light blue (depending if left or right side), and ground is dark green.
I have used these indicators before.
One of the red or white wires will be for the white LEDs that are in them.
They aren't the best but will do if you need them for legal reasons.
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