lets see your 3/4 helmets (only)


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You wanna know why? All metalflake and a few other vintage lids are clear plastic, and have the inside painted. So , if you have a vintage lid that is scuffed up or looking dis-colored all ya need is one of the $10 plastic headlight polishing kit from Auto Zone and an hour. You can make them look like new!


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I was looking recently and looks like biltwell and bell are the front runners. I really like the custom speed and soul 3/4 from bell I saw it for $104. I have been wanting a 3/4 I have a half hjc and a full face for long rides or winter time.

What I am curious about will I need ear plugs with the 3/4 I wear them with half helmet and do great job.


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Nein_Collins said:
how do you like your bobster goggles? I need a pair for mine and looking for suggestions. I'll post a pic of my new v2 fulmer tonight..
I really like the goggles! However, after about a year of use, part of the dual-density foam de-laminated. Not really a bit deal. I just pulled apart one layer of the foam and I still used them. However, I've now put a shield on the helmet. I still have another helmet that I can use the goggles with.



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modifiedamerican said:
damnit i want one of them masks so damn bad! looks so mean!
Got $15?

I just went out and bought a cheap paintball mask and went to town with a razor and then a snap tool to mount it to the helmet.


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modifiedamerican said:
i just might have to try that! how hard was is to snap the mask into the helmet?
I guess it would depend on the paintball mask, but not really very hard. I just shaved off the upper part of the mask I didn't want, drilled 2 holes per side (cheekbone area) slid it in the helmet to where it was comfortable, and then marked where the holes contacted the "ear flap," and then used some snaps and a snap tool/hammer to put snaps on the flaps and the mask.

Keep in mind though, that this works best with helmets like that old LSI one I used because they have such a large ear flap that you can attach to, some of my other helmets have ear flaps that are connected to the helmet and would be hard to do the same thing with.

Friend of mine wearing it when she met me up at bdubs:


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SheSpeedTrippin said:
Re-lining was easy, just sticky. There's a good write up under "Greatest Hit" "How-to reline your helmet" on the Chopcult forum.
This one? ;D

Thanks SheSpeedTrippin for introducing me to the chopcult site. I have been wondering how to reline a helmet. Also checked out your pinstriping. Very nice!


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Did this up last weekend...

I don't plan on using it, 'cause I prefer to wear a full face lid (buy my wife wants to wear it for snowboarding! ;D). I painted this up more as a tester for how I want to paint my XS.



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My lids, both EBay scores and just lined by my my buddy Bill. I actually had my detailers polish both up to a sparkly shine after these photos :) The liner in the gold is much more red than it looks, it's sexy oxblood styles


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