lets see your patches :-)

ill post my pics tonight. got my first motorcycle about 2 months ago and just got my first jacket so i had to get some cool patches for it.lol. had to get dtt patch. dime city cycles patch. sparrows to take me home when im lost, and a kawasaki patch since i have a kz750. pics will be up tonight!


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I've got 15 in the post headed my way right now, and i just got this one from Michael Woulfe today.

They'll all be going on my blue TT Leathers if no one buys it before the other patches arrive.



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I've had all of mine sewn on by the local shoe repair shop. 3-5$ depending on size.

The jacket is an old Hein Gericke.


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I dont have a pic yet but some of my patches are sewn on (at a local saddle makers) but mostly I prefer to do it my self with glue and studs.

Firstly I glue the patch in place with rubber cement (comes in tins from Lowes) and then I press the stud in place where it is going to go. Then using the marks left by the pins I use a hammer and awl to make holes in the jacket and then press the stud in place and bend the pins over. Usually I have one pin through the patch and leather and one pin through the leather outside the edge of the patch so the stud holds the patch in place. I vary the number of studs depending on the size of the patch. I forgot to mention that I use a block of wood as well!
I'll try to get some pics up when I get home. (Away on business at the moment)


Who put coffee in my morning Baileys?
I finally got a few sewn onto some denim of mine.

Still need to figure out what to do with the rest.. I think i went a bit overboard on the patches..



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Where are you guys getting the patches from? Any certain website? I want to get an old STP, Castrol, and NGK and maybe a few punk band patches for my jacket without getting from 4 different sites.


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No offense, but isn't putting a "Rockers" patch on your jacket like wearing a T-Shirt that says "Punk"? Or putting "Cafe Racer" on your motorcycle (hopefully in either ugly Old English lettering or the Norton font)? It seems a little bit odd to me. It seems like if you are these things, you shouldn't need to explicitly spell it out.


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Here's mine from Mike Woulfe leathers that I won from Barber's last year. It's by far my favorite jacket.


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