lets see your small cafe's and mopeds


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my stocker.
bought from the original owner with 1100miles, now has 3500

summer town ride from a few years ago

semi finished pic of a cafe i built

G7S i traded the cafe for


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G7s is VERY low on my list of bikes to work on.
i traded my cafe 125 for it to a friend that needed a small running/reliable bike.
i said that i would trade it back to him. he apparently is getting a C110. i actually know the C110 very well and really want it so i can ride in the giro events.

so its complicated but i dont know.....make me an offer.
you havent filled out you bio so i have no idea if you are near.
the G7s does have a title and runs, but has needs....


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Here's a few of mine and I've put together a bunch of others for some customers....

I'm not really a top tank guy. I was building this to sell, but It's starting to grow on me....I've been slacking on it but It'll be done this month it's going to be my personal bike and keeps getting shelved to finish up customer stuff.

And also my personal commuter now with a sachs 505/2 spd. manual shift. It's getting a race crank, 80cc reed valve kit, and race clutch from ze germans.

I've got a stock looking derbi variant flat port the boogies, and some other stuff too...


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the noped. 80' honda express.

i sold the green one to a friend and the yellow one is also a friends.

. . . and my current cafe project that I am trying to get done this summer, 73' CL175. my first bike so i'm just taking it slow.


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hey guys this was my cock teaser that lead me to buy my cb750, however i had to sacrafice for the A. money B. only way my wife would let me buy the 750 was to get rid of the one vehicle... it was either the ped or my 85 RX-7... i went with the ped.... any way here she is!



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Not really sure how big is too big for this thread, but to me my 76' GT250 is a small cafe. Just got it rideable after a taring a 74' and 76' down to frame and using the best parts to make one.



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just stumbled upon this thread, my first attempt, now i'm hooked, cb 100 , will probably sell this now to finance the next one ,,,,if i can part with it :-\


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77 Tomos Silver bullter
A55 bottom end
Ported 65cc top end with high comp head (custom squish)
A3 1st clutch, a35 2nd clutch
Re geared
Added K10 forks later

Top speed was 45 with a Dellorto 15mm and 51 with a Mikuni 20mm. GPS verified.

This turned into a pretty quick bike. CVT > Other trans

My first moped back when I lived in Michigan. A very slow stock A3 Tomos.

Random build. First ported stock bike. 42 mph with stock 14.12

Brothers Puch. He'll never finish it.

Mopeds :)


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Curbcast said:
Nice Tomos. MLM pipe?

I just got another Sachs powered bike. Oooh!

Thanks! i do miss her sometimes... the pipe was just a techno boss... 70cc alukit, hicomp head, mikuni vm20 carb, with a weakends intake. and an NGK plug wire. i topped out at 51mph gps'd


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Re: Re: lets see your small cafe's and mopeds

famousseajay said:
Not really sure how big is too big for this thread, but to me my 76' GT250 is a small cafe. Just got it rideable after a taring a 74' and 76' down to frame and using the best parts to make one.

Where did you get those expansion chambers?

"Burnin' oil and smellin' royal!"


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Fellow DTT'er joeschuit fabbed them up for me. He has got a nice GT250 build on here somewhere as well. Ive got silencers coming in the mail. I had to do something, it would only be a matter of time before i went by a cop that didnt already have someone pulled over. And even creapin' at like 1000 rpm they are still pretty load. 8)


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My 79 Puch Maxi. Got it from a friends back yard after it had sat for about 15 years. It was my first project, goes about 50mph now! I'm actually looking to sell it to finance another project, if anyone is interested! $800, and if you know how to wire a Tomos, the price goes down considerably!


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