Lithium Battery Charging Voltage: 15.0 - 15.2


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I have a 1999 Kawaski ZRX 1100. I went from a stock battery to a Bikemaster Lithium -Ion 2.0 LiFePo4 battery seen as an attachment.
At idle the battery reads 15.1 volts and will only go as high as 15.2. When I first got it, the highest it would read is 14.7

I have a few Shorai batteries in my other bikes, and noticed on the Shorai website that its OK if a lithium battery charges up to 15.2
but NOT higher than that.

Tried calling Bikemaster and got a guy who was probably about to head to lunch. He told me "well the batteries are made in china so we
dont have any techs here, but 15.2 is fine, as long as it doesnt go above that.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Below are stock shots of the battery. The 13.2V is NOT my reading.


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What’s your reading at 2500-3000rpm? Is the charging system stock? I’d feel better if it were
Personally I would check the charging system over pretty well if I were you. It’s easy and may keep you from frying a battery.

Later, Doug
Most battery (packs) have some sort of BMS (battery management system) as part of the pack to protect the company from becoming another "YouTube Sensation". They balance the charging load between the individual cells and prevent too high of a discharge rate, etc. I would ASSUME that if a reputable manufacturer puts out a replacement of a standard lead-acid battery, they would make their products fully plug-n-play, because of the dangers involved with a mismatch.
But that word "ASSUME" haunts me. I've heard some batteries have the BMS, and others make no mention of it. Kinda scary. Supposedly the EarthX has it, but you'd think ANY major manufacturer would have it.
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