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Hey all. Looks like I'll be in Liverpool for work from 3/12 - 3/24 with an extended weekend in the middle. Anyone feel like meeting up for a bit and showing a newcomer around? Or just have some suggestions for what to do? My co-worker is headed to Dublin over the weekend for St. Patricks day, so I'll be solo all weekend. Let me know if ya feel like taking pity on a Yank for a night!

You're more than welcome to pay a visit to Colchester. It's about 250 miles from Liverpool, so a bit of a trek.
Hey Von,

ditto for me, I'm about 150 miles south of Liverpool. You're more than welcome to stay here at my house for the weekend. The National Motorcycle Museum is only 20 minutes away ! I'm pretty certain there is a train service direct from Liverpool to Birmingham [ if you do not have a hire car ] , and I can easily collect you from the station.

Unfortunately I cannot travel up to Liverpool as I am looking after a very good friend who is undergoing treatment for Cancer at the moment and I have to be on call for driving duties if required.
All good guys. I was just kidding around with the nobody reply. I probably won't be journeying too far from Liverpool. I really appreciate the offers!
You should take the ferry ride over to the Isle of Man.
I went to the races last June and it was spectacular.
The ferry ride is about 2 1/2 hours long I believe but you can check when there or look online.

Yeah and the National Motorcycle Museum is pretty cool in Birmingham.
Easy to miss in the roundabout too. ;-)
There is also a really good steak house right on the water.
Little shopping area and several restaurants.

It is named Miller & Carter.
cklamer said:
There is also a really good steak house right on the water.
Little shopping area and several restaurants.

It is named Miller & Carter.

Right on! Thank you. In a fun (and somewhat odd) turn of events my good friend Thomas from Germany is a massive Liverpool FC fan and spends the weekend there three or four times a year. So when I told him that I'd be in town with a four day weekend he went ahead and booked a flight. Lol...

So I'll have an experienced pal to show me around. So if anyone local might be out and about over the weekend, let me know and I'll buy the first beers.
Have a great time.
I've got a couple of nights booked in a Liverpool hotel, with the Missus in May.
Plan to see the usual Beatles stuff.
Sorry Von.....Liverpool is 300 miles from us here in Kent. Take a stroll around the regenerated Albert's right near the Liver building where the IOM ferries leave from. Some nice little boutiques and pleasant bistros for refreshment.


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