Looking for a Cafe Project in MI?


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Hi All,
I am a new user here from Grosse Ile and I am looking for a Cafe Racer project in the area. What I am mainly looking for is something 200cc and under as this will be the first bike I've ever had. I do have a lot of riding experience, however I have none with anything other than a scooter on the road. I have been looking at a non running Cl175 that needs work for 300, if anything has anything else that could be a good small cafe project then I am very interested!

I am from Grosse Ile as well! I have a CB100 that I'll sell you if you are really interested. I've had the seat reshaped and recovered, changed all of the electronics (new bar controls, entire harness, stator) I have a few extra parts for it as well. I was going to get after it this winter but if you really want it let me know! It's a runner. No lights though. Hell I'll even build it for you if you are interested in something like that.

If not, there are a few small cc bikes on CL locally that would be a good start.
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