Looking for a friend (not that kind) - Bay Area, California


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Hello forum!

Despite my mother telling me not to meet with strangers online, I am looking for someone who owns a CB750 DOHC Custom in the Bay Area. I am currently working on a barn project and would love to get up close and personal with a complete and working bike.

I am fairly laid back, like beer and will not rob you.

That, mate, is the introduction of the month. If I was your way then I'd swing by for a beer for sure.
Thank you Jimbonaut,

Did I by any chance post this in the wrong place or are people scared I will rob them?

Kaj, welcome to the forum. Judging by the handful of years I've been a member, the area specific forums are not particularly active.
Of course someone from the Bay Area is talking about people being robbed :)

Anyway, I’m in SF, but I ride a 550.

Good luck!
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