Looking for a motorcycle specific jacket, hopefully keep it under $200. Ideas?


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I would like to get an actual motorcycle jacket for riding (with protectors), not just a thick leather jacket or a windbreaker layer or anything like that. I live in Southern California, so it never gets really hot or really cold, so I was considering a textile jacket but I really would like the protection leather offers, especially if I can wear it during most of the summer anyways.

I was looking at mostly Revzilla, Motorcycle Superstore, and CycleGear, and I saw a few Alpinestars jackets that I thought looked nice, and there was one Dainese textile jacket for $200 that seemed cheap for Dainese as well. I'd like something without too much branding, don't mind a small logo here and there though, and a dark color would be nice as well, either dark grey, dark blue, or black. I feel lazy asking for help when I should be doing the legwork myself, but I was wondering if there were any good brands I should check out since I don't know about the reputation of a lot of these brands. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.


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I like the joe rocket jackets. I bought mine from motorcycle superstore I think on sale or something. Its all black cordura with the little rockets here and there. No big name on it or anything. It has a lot of adjustments and vents, it fits well and adjusts easily. I can adjust most options on the jacket while riding even, though that's probably not very safe, its that easy. It has been about 2to years since I bought it and I think it may have been called "ballistic 2.0" or some kind of number(s) or combination of them. Optional zip in liner wasn't included but can be bought later... Just my opinion. You should get more than one opinion. Check reviews and stuff too on various websites. Hope this helps! ;)


My first jacket was a Joe Rocket Ballistic as well. LOVE it! Great value for the money, mine's all black with no really visible branding. Armor, quilted vest and waterproof windbreaker liners. I get compliments on the windbreaker whenever I wear it, kinda funny.

But if you're looking for leather, just keep lurking Ebay, you'll find something with all the bells and whistles for under $200 that you love. I just picked up a Bates cafe jacket for $105 including shipping.
Just make sure to check your measurements against what you're looking at, sizes aren't the same from country to country and between manufacturers.


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I bought one of those a year or so ago and love it. I'm NOT a leather fan and this fit the bill for warm summer ridding and moderate cold riding. Armor, removable liner, vents that do work, ton of pockets. And it looks cool too.


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as someone who rides a variety of vintage 2 wheelers, I felt that it was important to find a jacket that didn't make me look like a power ranger. I found a company out of portland called Corazzo, that caters to the Vespa and Lambretta crowds. Their jackets are awesome looking (very clean), well made and nicely armored.

I have the Venteta vented jacket, because I live in Dallas. The 5.0 and the speedway are great looking too.



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I got a Vulcan leather jacket from leatherup.com. Very happy with it. The only complaint I have is that the elbow armor slides down to my forearm when I put it on.

I tested it when I slid off of a mountain and it held up fine.

I got it on sale for $170. Lots of zippers to let air in when you need it and keep it out when it is cold.



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I picked up an older Vanson leathers ventalator off of CL for $100. Looked brand new



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I have a Vanson vent-max, too, but I'm not gonna recommend it for general SoCal use ...freeze-yer-balls-off time, there... Daytime summer desert use, yes...but SoCal's much colder much of the time than most realize, especially along the coast, in the mountains, or in winter.


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I am in Atlanta. our weather can be very similar plus a lot of humidity. I wear leather when it is cool/cold


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Okay after going to a bunch of shops today, new problem. Besides not knowing which jacket to get, sizing is also a huge problem for me because I'm tall and skinny. I now know that motorcycle jackets generally are cut shorter in the torso, but I have a smaller chest so many times the jacket will be loose but relatively right height-wise, or vice versa. Not only that, different brands have different fittings, even throughout their different models. I tried a few Alpinestars jackets and they fit decently, but most of the leather/textile ones I tried had the height vs chest problem. I also went to the Dainese store and tried some of their textile jackets with GoreTex, which seemed to fit me pretty well both height and chest but they were more touring style it seemed like. For suit jackets I usually go back and forth between a 38 and 40 depending on the brand, which seemed consistent with the size mediums I tried on.

Those Corazzo jackets jsharppphoto look pretty sharp (ha, ha) but they look more like windbreakers with protectors sewn in, and I'm definitely considering one but ideally I'd like something more protective. The Vulcan flugtechnik posted is also cool, but out of stock right now. Also don't know about the sizing for either, especially with my aforementioned body proportions.

Long story short, I feel like I'll have to compromise somewhere, so should I get a tighter jacket that potentially restricts movement, or a looser jacket that might be less aerodynamic? As of right now, I'm despairing that there's no middle ground, unless I get a looser leather jacket and get it tailored, but I don't know how much that would be.

P.S.: Dainese sizing really annoys me.


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bummer. your life must be SO HARD..... being TALL AND SKINNY. all of us short and fat guys are going to take up a collection for you.

just kidding.

Go to a scooter shop that carries the corazzo line. Trust me. They are designed around the armor, it's not retrofitted in to a cool looking jacket. They use a lot of the 3M reflective materials in a very discrete way.


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I got this AGV Canyon leather jacket from Chaparral Motor Sports in San Bernardino. I was torn between vintage looks and modern functionality, and I felt like this one fit the bill for me. It was right under $200, and it has vents, elbow/shoulder/back padding, and doesn't look too "Power Ranger" like many of the other jackets I'd tried.

I even got to test it out, when I learned just how slippery gravel can actually be. I wasn't going very fast when I went down, but it was enough of a fall/slide that I would have been bloody in a T shirt and bruised in a light jacket...

When I started riding, just a few months ago, I thought I had the jacket thing covered, because of a very thin and light leather jacket I've owned for years, but after handling "real" jackets in the stores, I realized that a jacket made for fashion is going to be a total joke on a bike. Don't wear this thing, here

I don't know about tall and skinny, I'm 6'1" 185lbs, and I think this "AVG canyon" jacket fits me right...


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Thanks for the heads up on the Canyon. I was riding in a cheap leather Perfecto-knock off. The leather is pretty thick and fit ok when I bought it. I had just lost a bunch of weight due to a medical condition (fat AND muscle so not as cool as it sounds) and knew I'd gain some weight back. Now that jacket is my casual knock-around jacket and I'm looking for a new one. The wife insists on some armor after seeing a friend break his elbow on a bike.

My neighbor tells me good things about his armored leather from Leatherup. Too good to be true?


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lingo said:
I picked up an older Vanson leathers ventalator off of CL for $100. Looked brand new

CRAIGSLIST!!!....i Found 2 Ducati Dianese Leather Jackets (male & Female) Neither One was used Both Still Had the $600+ Price Tags.... Spent $300 on the pair the guy was asking $300 each....U Never know what people are getting rid of on CL


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Flugtechnik said:
I got a Vulcan leather jacket from leatherup.com. Very happy with it. The only complaint I have is that the elbow armor slides down to my forearm when I put it on.

I tested it when I slid off of a mountain and it held up fine.

I got it on sale for $170. Lots of zippers to let air in when you need it and keep it out when it is cold.


Love that jacket so much...

For those interested, Although the Vulcan VTZ-910 was sold out and priced at $175-$200 on Leatherup.com I found it at myleather.com for $145


Too bad it's on back order!

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This one looks pretty cool too, less flashy.

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Has anyone been able to find the vulcan jackets (either one would be great) in stock anywhere? I searched for a while and came up with zilch. I'd really like to get one of these, as I'm currently wearing a faux leather fashion jacket that probably won't do me much good if I go down.


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@AndrewDoes: Buy vulcan VTZ-910 jackets. This jacket is very good for biker. check bellow Item Details.

Item Details

Premium abrasion-resistant cowhide leather
Matte black leather finish
Bright orange stitching
Stitched with high strength nylon thread
YKK zippers
Internal double stitching
Rear storage pocket that covers entire length of the back
Zippered vents included: 4 chest vents, 2 outer-sleeve vents, 2 lower-back vents
Elastic armhole and elbow panels for comfortable riding
Pre-curved arms for extra riding comfort
Mandarin collar
Front zippered closure with YKK zipper
Reflective, high-visibility stripes on shoulders, arms, and back
Elastic side waist panels for adjustable fit
Insulating, zip-out quilted vest liner
High-quality non-removable polyester mesh lining (attached to the jacket)
Pockets included: 2 zippered front hand pockets, 1 interior zippered pocket on mesh lining and 1 interior patch pocket on vest liner
Zippered cuffs with Velcro closure for adjustable fit
Hanging loop built into the jacket collar
CE approved removable armor on shoulders, elbows, and back: ergonomic design, higher impact absorption, free movement

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