looking for DOHC cb750f guidance


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A few weeks back I picked up the ignition coil/relay sub harness from sparckmoto.com. I had read on a few different DOHC specific sites that installing a relay and wiring directly to the coil can substantially improve spark, and create a smoother running engine, improve efficiency, etc.
I've been tinkering with my carbs for quite a while and I'm starting to feel like I have them sorted so it's back to electrical work for me.

Sonreir, any suggestions on how I can wire this into my existing set up?



Yup. It should be a fairly simple setup.

In the stock setup, the black/white wire from the kill switch goes into the coils. In the new setup, this wire goes to the thin white wire in the relay harness. The thick white wire in the relay harness now goes to the coils' black/white wire.

The relay setup should also have a green wire that gets grounded and a red, fused, wire that goes directly to the battery's positive terminal (the always-on side of the solenoid will work, too).


Been Around the Block
I don't have a factory kill switch anymore so I ran the thin wire from the harness end and the thick wire into the coil.

Hopefully that gets me what I was after. Either way the bike starts much, much quicker and runs and sounds much smoother.

Color me impressed!

I highly recommend picking up one of these.

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